Why I will never be a “Mum boss”

One of my favourite women, girl boss Jodie of The Letter Loft, recently championed Etsy’s Mother’s Day campaign – Mums Without Labels.

I love this campaign for so many reasons, but read for yourself what Etsy had to say about it…

“How many times have you heard Mums referred to as a Working Mum, Stay-at-home Mum, Full-time Mum, Yummy Mummy, Yoga Mum, Helicopter Mum, the list goes on… (and what do they even mean?!?)

Mums are often labelled, dropped into stereotyped boxes with loaded connotations. But this Mother’s Day we want to ditch the mum-labelling and just embrace mums for who they are.”

I’ve always found myself rejecting the “Mum” stereotype, which was something that worried me when I was pregnant. The idea of pushing a pram around town, going to baby groups, making “Mummy friends”, and everything that seemed to go with it, really made me recoil.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel negatively towards women who do embrace motherhood in this way, more power to you. But it just wasn’t me.

I didn’t want to only be known as a “Mum”, and I was worried about being stuck in a labelled box with all of the connotations that go along with it. I was Katie, and I wanted to stay Katie… Just with my little plus two.

Five months into motherhood and I realise that I had nothing to worry about at all. I’ve discovered that me not being a “Mummy” is just the same as me not being a huge reader, or me having zero desire to jump out of a plane. These things just aren’t what make me, me… And that’s okay, because they don’t have to be.

I don’t want to be a “Mum boss”, I just want to be a boss.

Etsy have absolutely nailed this sentiment. So I urge you to consider your Mum, as well as your friends who have kids, as the people they were before creating life, as well as who they’ve become since.

So go forth and spoil your Mama’s with things they’ll love, and remember to share your Mum appreciation posts this Mother’s Day with #MumsWithoutLabels.

You can find the beautiful soul that is Jodie on Instagram here.

And you can check out Etsy’s M-Day picks here. I’ve chosen a few bits from the collection that I really love –

You go mama pin, £7.00
Gold leaf statement earrings, £22.00
Earl grey candle, £18+
Heart print, £5.50+
I love you Mum! mug, £16.00

I’ll end with what makes me, me… I’m Katie, I like calligraphy, true crime and crying at dog rescue adverts on the telly. Now tell me, who are you?

Katie x